Somebody can help me

Hi I am new user proram ImageJ and have problem similar like this topic: Split colored height map of moon in greyscale images

I study this topic many time i google tutotals many time how using ImageJ but i cant even know how to start run this macro to my image, pls somebody show marcy and make some tutorial how I can convert my image use this solution?

Hello Planet_yo,
Yes it is entirely possible, however we could use a reference image to guide you if that is possible.

Thx for reply It can be any image, i only would like to know what i must click this program to start macro made by autor name “oburri”, when i start this macro is error “LUT” not found IN LINE 15 selectimage(<“LUT”>);

Hi Planet_yo,

in the post you refered to, the image contains a Lookup Table (LUT) to make the correspondance between color and height.

As mentionned in line 9 of the macro by @oburri the code expect to have an image named LUT
// Before running this macro, make sure that you have an image called LUT with the color scalebar separately

One way of getting it, is to make a rectangle selection around the LUT of the image, and then Image> Duplicate .



How make this LUT image? only select rectange selection on my image (image what i want convert) and Image>Duplicate and go Macra and run? that it?

Ok already work i was image called LUT.png so that not work i change name LUT and work but i got another problem this program works only color scale bar this moon image? I have little diffrent colours this scale so finish effect is not I expect so my question is I can change colour bar scale for this macro?