Some problems in ExampleSpecklesImagePIPE



Hi, I can not get the expected results with ExampleSpecklesImagePIPE.
It can correctly show the number of nuclei, while the number and position of foci is wrong.
I have modified the diameter of nuclei and foci. Besides this, I don’t konw whether any other parameters need to be modified.
I have uploaded the my pipeline and two input images.
ModifiedSpecklePIPE.mat (1.43 KB)


I need upload my images again.


What do you mean, exactly, by “the number and position of foci is wrong”? Someone is more likely to help if you clarify what you mean.


I mean we can easily identify foci by eye in foci.jpg, but these foci can not be identified by ExampleSpecklesImagePIPE. Could you give me some suggestions?