Soma Issue When Converting Traces

Hello, So I had recently traced an image of a neuron using the latest version of SNT, I had then taken the traces and converted them into a .swc file through SNT where I imported them into NEURON. all groups of the tracing were connected to one another (soma, apical dendrites, basal dendrites, etc) as an swc format, however, when I converted the file into a NeurolucidaASC format file through NLMorphologyConverter all groups of the tracing were broken at the soma when imported into NEURON and read as if they were separate cells. has anyone else has this problem ? and is there any possible way to directly export the traces to an .ASC file format through SNT without a converter?

Welcome to the forum @szahid!

It is a proprietary format that to my knowledge has no public specification (see more details here), without it it is very hard to justify allocating time to it. But I’m a bit confused about what you are trying to accomplish: If you already imported successfully the SWC file into NEURON, why do you need to have it converted to NeurolucidaASC?

Here are some tips, if this is really needed: Did you try both NeurolucidaASC and NeurolucidaASCClassic conversions? One thing I suspect could be the culprit is that probably the ASC format (whatever it may be) does not expect the soma to be represented by a single point. A quick way to test this would be to attempt the conversion on a file with soma contours and see if the conversion succeeds (you could even look for one at NeuronMorpho if you don’t have access to a local file)