[solved] Is there a tool to measure the minimum diameter of an ellipse?


I’m analyzing the ratio of axon fibers and the myelin sheet. For this I want to draw an ellipse and measure the minimum diameter of it. Is there any tool to do it or have I measure it manually with the line tool? The Feret’s diameter is not, what I am looking for. The diameter has to go through the centroid of the ellipse.

Thanks a lot for your response.

In Fiji, Analyse>Set measurement you can tick Fit ellipse.

It may sound a bit stupid to fit an ellipse when you have drawn an ellipse but next time you do a measurement (or press m) you will have a column Minor, which is the length of the minor axis of the ellipse, ie the shortest equivalent of a circle diameter for this ellipse.

To draw rotated ellipses, right click on the ellipse icon and select Elliptical selections :wink:

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thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.