Software for quantifying phases in steel

What is the best software to analyze microstructure and quantify steel phases in generated images from SEM? I was evaluating ImageJ, Quantikov and ZEN from ZEISS.D7DFE894-3C3E-4101-9E8C-41E2FA515450.bmp (1.3 MB)

What ZEN did you use? Did you tried the Multiphase module maybe enhanced by the Intellesis Machine Learning tool?

Hi Sebi06, I still don’t have the software, I’m in the process of evaluating its capacity. With this module that you described I can analyze the phases by Machine Learning? What do you have to say about this? Thank you for your help!!

In my limited experience, the answer can depend on your dataset and what information you are looking to collect. If you are looking into machine learning, you could also give Trainable Weka Segmentation a try. It is an ImageJ plugin.

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The ZEN core software has a dedicated module for multiphase analysis. Additionally it is possible to use machine-leaning based segmentation for the segmentation of multiple phases (this requires the Intellesis module).

I recommend asking for a trial license and cooper’s the results, ease of use, etc. with free alternatives like Fiji or Icy etc.

Or depending on your scripting skills scikit-image is a very cool library. Or use OpenCV…

Sebi (from Zeiss)

Sebi06, I will try to get a demo version of ZEN with the Intellesis module to test on my products and research more about this and other software. Thank you!!

And ideally share your findings… :blush: