Software Engineer for machine vision assisted connectomics @ HHMI Janelia



We are looking to hire a software engineer for at least one year to work on the implementation of automatic neuronal arbor reconstruction from volumes of electron microscopy: a central problem in the emerging field of large-scale cellular connectomics.

The work will be centered on bringing automation to the software CATMAID, in particular by applying flood-fill networks and their tensorflow implementation to build a workflow that will speed up the work of dozens of laboratories already using CATMAID for computer-assisted yet manual reconstruction of neurons for mapping wiring diagrams with synaptic resolution.

The engineer will be embedded in the Cardona lab at HHMI Janelia, among computer scientists and neuroscientists working together to map the wiring diagram of complete brains at synaptic resolution.

Interested candidates should email their CVs, a brief statement and the names of one or two references to:

Albert Cardona

Optionally, solve an open GitHub issue for CATMAID, submit a pull request, and include this with your CV and statement. Applications including a pull request for an issue will be given priority consideration.

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