Software Engineer at ScreenSYS GmbH, Freiburg, Germany

Software Engineer for Image Data Analysis and Process Automation

About ScreenSYS GmbH

ScreenSYS is a young startup company pioneering the world agribusiness market by developing disruptive technologies to accelerate plant breeding. Unique technologies developed by ScreenSYS enable microscopic phenotyping of plant stem cells in vitro for generating fully functional homozygous plants in a single step. The potential of ScreenSYS techniques to enable new breeding techniques and to accelerate the speed of plant breeding is enormous. ScreenSYS commercializes state-of-the-art research with products for the global AgBiotech and seed market. Its technologies push plant breeding towards sustainable supply of food, feed and plant derived materials for the growing world population.

Role specification

As a rapidly expanding startup, ScreenSYS GmbH is seeking to employ a dynamic, strategic and experienced leader to join our company in the role of a Software Engineer. He/She will work closely together with a team of scientists and technicians. His/Her responsibilities will be

  • Programming of software in the field of image data analysis
  • Good understanding of machine learning, i.e. classifiers, clustering, feature extraction/selection, dimensionality reduction
  • Experience with batch processing of microscopy data
  • He/She will report to the project manager Image Analysis
  • Development of microscopy image analysis solutions, including concepts, technical limitations assessment, and joint solution development with customers
  • Good knowledge of microscopy image analysis (hardware and software applications), signal processing, practical machine learning experience is an advantage
  • Preferred programming languages Python, Matlab, R, Java
  • Experience with open source software like i.e. Fiji, KNIME, OpenCV
  • Preferably experience with deep learning, i.e. tensorflow
  • Parallelization skills (CUDA, OpenMP) are definitely a plus

Person specification

The ideal candidate should have a solid training (B.Sc., Master, Ph.D.) in Computer Science and/or Life Sciences (Agriculture, BioChemistry, Computer Vision or Plant Sciences) with several years of experience and with a strong ability to organize effectively, delegate responsibility, enjoy working in an interdisciplinary team, solve problems quickly, communicate clearly, and work in Freiburg on a daily basis. Good English language skills are important. We are seeking an absolute team player.

If you are interested, please send your application (pdf) to