Software Engineer at Glencoe Software (Remote)


Are you a great developer with an eye for good libraries and APIs? Looking for a great team, and cool customers?

Glencoe Software delivers innovative, scalable, easy-to-use scientific image data solutions for its clients. We make the viewing, sharing, analysis and management of large sets of images and metadata easy and accessible to everyone in your team or organization.

Glencoe’s products are utilized in several world-leading academic labs, biotechs, pharmas, and CROs. We also enable data publication in some of the largest publishers in the world. We combine world-beating technology and expertise with dedicated, reliable customer support.

Glencoe Software is now looking for vibrant, thoughtful and motivated software developers to work on various projects including:

  • API design, documentation and training
  • Participation in the entire lifecycle of our applications; development, testing, deployment and support
  • Web architecture design and planning with Python/Django and Java/Vert.x
  • Java enterprise architecture design and planning


  • Great knowledge of Java, C++ and/or Python
  • Experience deploying on Linux, macOS or any proprietary UNIX flavour
  • Strong collaborative skills with an eye towards efficiency and creativity


  • Experience with scientific applications
  • Experience with CellProfiler
  • Experience deploying on and developing for Windows
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services
  • Experience integrating with Redis
  • Experience with distributed systems programming
  • Experience with NoSQL data stores such as MongoDB, Cassandra, or CockroachDB

Please apply with resume via e-mail to