SNT measurement multiple path

Hi all,

We have a user who is using SNT to analyse neurons in a difficult region of the brain. She has drawn multiple paths using the SNT plugin and now wants measurements for all of them individually.

However, everytime we click on the measurements, we get only one line called “All Paths” while we would like to get one line per paths. Is this possible ?

Thanks a lot !

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The whole mantra of the Path Manager has been to operate on groups of paths. I guess it can be useful to look at paths individually. It is a trivial change, so I just added a “Measure individual paths” checkbox to the “Measure Paths” command, but I don’t yet know when we’ll be able to push a new version to the updater. Hopefully soon.


Hi @tferr

thanks for the prompt update - we downloaded the corresponding JAR from the ImageJ Maven repo and forwarded it to our user. Let’s see how that goes!

Thanks again,

OK. But we also pushed to the update site (i forgot to mention it here). Usually we push with each GItHub release, so that Releases · morphonets/SNT · GitHub serves has a release log.