SNT MacOS Issues Saving traced Paths as a .trace file

I have a trouble shooting question in regards to trying to saved\ traced paths in SNT as a. traces file. I have easily done this on a windows OS with no issue.
For some reason on a MAC OS there seems to be an issue with trying to make a path(s) a trace file.
An error comes up that says " there is no application set to open the document".
I was wondering if there is a way to solve this or if I am missing something.
I do not save the traced paths as SWC files type because it saves each path as an individual file, saving it as a .traces is easier for the workflow and analysis.
Suggestions or any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You

@Jessica_Sidisky, i have no problem saving a .traces file on MacOS 10.15.7.

I am confused about this. Such dialog should only appear when you try to open a .traces file from the Finder!? How does that relate to saving it? Either way, that message is expected: the OS does not know what to do with that file extension (SNT does not register itself in the OS). But SNT should be able to open the file without issues.

I am not sure what to suggest. Perhaps make sure that you are running the latest version (SNT v3.1.112), in case you are stuck on some interim development version? The version is reported on the the window title of the main dialog.

This is only true if your paths are disconnected. SNT splits rooted structures across files, since the SWC specification expects only data for a single cell. But I agree that a .traces file is usually more convenient. See File formats comparison.

HI Tiago,
Thank you for your help with this. I did not know that Mac did not realize that the .traces file error message was expected with Macs. I was able to resolve the issue. I personally use a windows OS and I have been working and training MAC OS users, so some of the differences in the OS between Mac and Windows arise and is a learning curve for me.
I appreciate your help and the clarifications.