SNT hide trace projection

SNT is a great programme that I am finding really useful. Is it possible in the latest SNT version to hide the projection of the trace and only see nodes in nearby Z slices? I found how to highlight nodes in nearby Z slices as a thicker line, but the projection of all nodes is still visible as a thin line. I haven’t found a way to completely hide the rest of the trace.

I am used to using the old version of Simple Neurite Tracer where it was possible to hide the projection of the trace and only view parts in nearby slices. My traces are very winding and overlap themselves in Z multiple times, therefore being able to hide the trace projection from the other z slices was very helpful and made tracing a lot easier! Am I missing how to do this or is this not possible any more?

Thanks for any help!


That option was indeed removed. Some users complained it was to “harsh”, that hiding completely the center-lines was too restrictive :slight_smile: (Note to self: Use a poll before changing existing behavior). There would be three ways to bring it back:

  1. A “Do not show center-lines when using Only nodes within nearby slices” option in the Preferences.
  2. Add a spinner for “center-line transparency” to the Options tab. If set to zero, this would effectively disable center-line renderings.
  3. Restore the original behavior: hide the center-lines completely when displaying only nodes in a Z-vicinity.

I would favor 2. as it seems more flexible. @laurab, @arshadic: thoughts?

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. And thank you for considering adding this back as a feature. Options 1 or 2 both sound like they would work well for me, and option 2, like you say, would be the most flexible.

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