SNT hangs when generating graph for Sholl Analysis

Just wondering if anyone has experienced ImageJ infinitely hanging when trying to do newer version of Sholl Analysis (at Nearest Node). Using version ImageJ 1.53b, Sholl analysis 4.0.0. Everything works great until I press “Run Analysis” and Console window states “Retrieving Graph…” but never generates it. Problem seems new as it worked fine a few weeks ago, so maybe a new bug in the update? I seem to recall having to export traces and path files separately in the previous version, but newer version doesn’t seem to have way to export paths (or I just can’t find it).

Thanks for any help or ideas you might have. ImageJ status log attached.

Uploaded SNT error.txt (5.5 KB)

Hi @folive,
(Sorry for the long delay. Only this week, I found the time to parse the forum for pending issues). Is this related to this other post from you?
Anyway, that stack trace only logs low level activity in the JVM. It does not even mention anything related to Sholl or SNT, so I’ll assume it’s unrelated. It does suggest that something went awry in your installation. Back in the days, things like this would happen on Windows, when running Fiji from C:\Program Files, as Fiji could become blacklisted.


Very sorry for the duplicate post. After not receiving a response on the first, I posted again thinking the original was not tagged properly and being viewed, or some other glitch. Please delete this post. I received your other response and will wait for the server transition to be complete before updating or downloading and reinstalling.

Thank you for all your help.