Snapshot in Volume Viewer without loss of pixels

Hello there,
Short version: As the title says, I would like to take a snapshot (or save the image) of a rotated volume without losing pixels, since right now the resolution depends on the scale (zoom) I use. The more I zoom in, the better the resolution.

Longer version: I have a set of images with a known resolution of 1 pixel = 0.2 mm, but the images are not in the correct plane. So I put them in the Volume Viewer to have them rotated, took snapshots of the pictures I was interested in (seven per set of images) and continued my work. Sometime later (after much work :confused: ) while doing the analysis I noticed that the values where crazy and I noticed the resolution differed between pictures (because of the scale-zoom from the Volume Viewer). So I have to start again, but this time I do not want to lose any pixels.

The Question: Is there a way for me to save the rotated images without losing any resolution?
I guess now that the snapshot has a predefined resolution and it adapts the images to it. I wish I knew :frowning:

I don’t know if the volume viewer can do what you want.

As an alternative for interactive rotation and then access of single planes you could use the Interactive Stack Rotation (Plugins > Transform > Interactive Stack Rotation) or with a bit more learning overhead the BigDataViewer (

Mind that if you rotate you will in most cases (with few exceptions) have some sort of interpolation. Depending on the implemented interpolation algorithm you will have more or less error.

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Thank you very much! I will try this :smiley:

Rotation reduces the resolution. And it compounds when rotated images are rotated.

Well, I don’t understand why, if that’s the case, but I am happy with the result. Maybe my images have intrinsically a bad resolution so that the loss of pixels is not noteble?
Thanks anyways both of you.
I always get a solution from this forum, thank you very much :smiley: .