Snap Image Micromanager 2.0

I’m trying to set up a plugin for some automatic image acquisition using micromanager 2 gamma1 but I’m having trouble just getting it to take a basic snap image. I’ve set up Eclipse to debug which is working OK (I think) however when I try to debug the code I lifted from the examples on the micromanager 2.0 website it just shows a white box and the Inspect tab states that there is no image. However as soon as the plugin finishes in Eclipse, Micromanager snaps an image. This is the simple code I’m using. Any suggestions welcome.
public void onPluginSelected() {
String camVal = studio_.core().getCameraDevice();

	  //live image
	  List<Image> images =;
	  boolean anyThingToSee =  images.isEmpty();
	  //display an image
	  images =;
	  Image displayImage = images.get(0);
	  Metadata details = displayImage.getMetadata();