Small textbook in microscopy

Dear Colleagues,

I am starting a new education project in microscopy - a small textbook (150-200 pages) which is expected to be part of a series of Learning Materials in Biosciences from Springer Our audience is Master and PhD Biomedical students with limited experience and knowledge in microscopy. I suppose that the booked will be finished in 1-1.5 years. The preliminary contents:

  1. Preface;
  2. Introduction;
  3. The physical principle of light propagation and light/matter interactions;
  4. Design, alignment and usage infinity-corrected microscope;
  5. Histology;
  6. Epifluorescence microscopy;
  7. Basic digital image design, processing, analysis, management, and presentation;
  8. Confocal microscopy and Spinning-disk confocal;
  9. Live-cell Imaging;
  10. TIRF microscopy;
  11. SIM microscopy;
  12. STED microscopy;
  13. Localisation microscopy;
  14. 2P microscopy;
  15. light-sheet microscopy;
  16. Advanced image processing etc.
  17. Glossary and knowledge map.

If you are experienced microscopist or specialist in image analysis and have a passion to write and educate, I would very happy to collaborate with you.

Thank you in advance for the possible cooperation,

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I would like to contribute to your microscopy textbook. I could contribute to either chapters 6, 8, 12, or 14. As a sample of my writing, I recently contributed an imaging section to a chapter ( in the book, Membranes in Pulmonary Vascular Disease, as part of the Current Topics in Membranes series. Please let me know how I can help. Thank you very much. (I think we’re connected on LinkedIn.)

Mary Brown

Hi Volodymyr,
I’m interested in contributing a chapter on light-sheet microscopy. Please let me know about details.
Best regards,


Sounds very promising! I could gladly contribute to chapters 13 and 16.

Vadim Zinchuk

Hi @vzloy,
I’d be happy on contributing with chapter 7, if you’d like. Thanks for the opportunity.