Small scale Omero?

I am attending the 2020 OME community meeting, though I am not currently an Omero user. I feel like crying! OME is such a great tool and I am dying to use it. However, it is still not clear how I can. I am based in Montreal Canada and there is no public Omero resources that I know of in my area. The international servers are dedicated for cells, tissues, dynamic biological data, etc, hence not an option for my needs. I guess I could install my own server, but it seems like an overkill to collect monthly PSF data! Yet I need to share that data with the owners of the confocal microscopes around the city, so keeping it on my personal computer is not a solution either. Anybody in the community had a similar challenge? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @jlacoste - I have not the same use case but I am a fresh omero user. I followed Simon Li system installation workshop and with docker or Ansible I feel installation and maintenance or quite painless, if you can have access to a server through your IT, both in terms of computational resources and time. Hope this helps !

No IT department unfortunately, I am a small business. But I will have a look at Simon Li’s workshop, thanks!

I will defer to the (much more informed) advice from the OME team, but you can get a server for very cheap at places like and a low-usage OMERO server won’t require a lot of resources - there will be a learning curve when it comes to installing/updating it regularly, but it’s not difficult by any means if you have some experience with Unix tools!

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I am still learning in a steep learning curve with regards to Linux, but if that is the only solution, then I will have to dive into it.

We do try to make it easy to install and run OMERO, hence our walkthrough documents and our more recent work with Docker, then Ansible, but it’s become a rather large and powerful image management system: it will sometimes require some Linux sysadmin knowledge, especially when something goes wrong. If the offering and reputation of your business were to depend on OMERO then you would need to be sure about backups, continuity planning, etc.

While certainly not to discourage you from learning and trying it out, it could be worth considering contracting with some local IT consultant to install and ongoingly run an OMERO running on a cheap server rented in some datacenter so you can be sure of dealing with whatever comes up. (Snapshotting is often offered even in cheaper plans.) Glencoe Software tends to focus on enterprise systems for large corporations and research institutions, I wonder if there is a gap in the market for smaller-scale private OMERO help that typically amounts to less than a day per month; I would be curious for anyone else to comment about that space, whether on the demand or the supply side!

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I do have the habit of trying to do everything myself, and it is not always a good thing. Your comment regarding Glencoe does answer a question since I was about to contact them actually. I also started going through my list of contacts for Linux but it is rather short. I am also curious for anyone else to comment about demand and/or supply for small scale Omero. Alternatively, does any one know of some “rental” agreements between a large Omero system and a small scale user?