Small images Autocontext 2 stage

Hi, I have an issue when using Autocontext 2-stage. My input data are separate 2D 8-bit images with different sizes. When trying to add images that are smaller as 9KB, I get this message: “‘AutocontextTwoStage’ object has no attribute ‘featureSelectionApplet’” and they won’t load. For larger images it works fine. Is there a workaround?

Hi @gldjck,

sorry that you see this very non-descriptive error message. The issues is that one of your images is too small for the filters you’ve selected. What you could do:

  • include the smallest image you expect in training, deselect larger filters and retrain, or
  • exclude smaller images completely.

Hope that helps

Hi @k-dominik,
Thank you for answering, now that I deselected larger filters it works fine.