Small CurveFitter bug




For a plugin I was writing, I used the CurveFitter ‘getSortedFitList()’ static method. This method gives a nullpointer however as the sortedFitList is not instantiated correctly before it is filled with the sorted names. The current code (I think?) of the CurveFitter class from GitHub reads:

public static String[] getSortedFitList() {
	if (sortedFitList == null) {
		String[] l = new String[fitList.length];
		for (int i=0; i<fitList.length; i++)
			sortedFitList[i] = fitList[sortedTypes[i]];        <---------- Nullpointer
		sortedFitList = l;
	return sortedFitList;

There is no pressing need to used the sorted list, as the normal fitList will do fine, but a bug is a bug. If the instantiation of the sortedFitList is done immediately instead of using the temporary ‘l’ Array, everything should be fine.

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This bug is fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.52c11).


Thanks Wayne!

For those interested in the technical details, this is the relevant commit:


Thanks Wayne for the quick fix.