Small bugs in macro editor

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I found small bugs in the macro editor :

  • If you select “Java” language, when you save your code it is saved without java extension and the macro editor return into “none” language. So you have to re-select “Java” and resave to get your .java file saved.

  • In the first save the last character of the filename is erased. I made “new” and select “java language” and save the file as “Test” I got a Test.txt generated (instead of .java) but the name editor then change to “Tes” the last character “t” is splitted. Then I have to reselect “java” and rename before resave unless I will generate “”

The bug is pretty minor but maybe should be fixed, it is probably better to fix any bug possible, it will make user’s life easier.

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I experience the same bug in other languages. However, when you start making scripts in java I recommend you a programming tool “Eclipse”.

However, for the macro language I still use the script editor in ImageJ. And this is indeed a very annoying bug.

Hi @Salim_Kanoun & @NoUsername

The best way to go about reporting bugs is to file an issue. You can see bug reporting best practices for more details.

eta :slight_smile:

Just so that others are aware: an issue was filed regarding these bugs: