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in an Icy protocol I am processing z-slices in a Range Loop to analyze the ROIs defined on them. For some good reasons a few slices do not have ROIs: is there a possibility to skip to the next index to process the subsequent slice ?

One alternative I see is to first loop through the slices and retain the indices of those featuring ROIs in a list and then loop over that.

Thanks already for any help on this.

Dear Gucki,

Could you please post a representative Z-stack and your Icy protocol in order to clarify your question?

If you don’t absolutely need to process the Z-stack slice by slice, the ROI statistics blocks extracts directly information from all ROIs of a given Z stack including their Z position (you can add it with “Select features…”).
I join a snapshot of the corresponding protocol and the corresponding test stack.

test_stack.tif (7.5 MB)

@imagejan : Icy protocols use the .protocol extension… Would it be possible to add this extension to the list of files that can be uploaded on the forum? Many thanks in advance!

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Good idea, I just added protocol to the list of authorized extensions on this forum, so you should now be able to upload Icy protocols.

While we’re at it: are the #icy folks considering joining this forum as a community partner any time soon?


Hi Marion,

thanks for your reply! Finally I have an image and the central part of my current protocol to illustrate (attached zip file).

For now I go the “alternative” way to check which slice contains a ROI. The attached protocol contains a bit more to get to that point: first the image is thresholded and only the largest ROI is retained. Then I convert the (3D-) ROI to a sequence, check and note where ROIs are and then iterate over just the “interesting” slices. Within the loop there is an ActiveContour box - just to do something with the slices (the actual protocol is a bit more complex, but works fine so far).

Thanks again,
Ekkehard (2.7 MB)

Dear @Gucki,

Many thanks for sending a simplified version of your protocol and a test image, this is really helpful.

To loop on an array of ROIs, I suggest to use the Batch block. I join an example of protocol (21.6 KB) that runs on your test image and a screenshot of it. Instead of looping on the slices, it loops on the ROIs.

Does it answer your question?

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Dear @imagejan,

Many thanks for adding the .protocol to the list of extensions!
We, the #icy folks have a meeting this week to discuss about our communication channels, notably this forum. We’ll likely come back to you soon.

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