Size range of 'Analyze Particles'



Hi, everyone!! I’m a new ImageJ user, and I find some problems with regulating the size in the ‘particle Analyzer’ windows: I can’t modify the automatic range of 0-Inifinty. I revealed the same problem with others sub menu settings like as, for example, the tolerance of the ‘wand tool’ (I can not erase the numbers). Probably I’m getting something wrong but I can’t realize what! Is there anyone that can help me? thanks


Ok, I sorted the problem by installing the last ImageJ version 1.50r together with the Java 1.8 version. Only this version allowed me to effectively use the keyboard of my Macbook.


Hi, I’m also having the same problem. Do you mean ImageJ version 1.51r? @pietro
And using Java 1.8, do you mean that we have to downgrade our Java ver?
Hope you could help me.


Hi, I mean that in order to solve the problem, you should just install the ImageJ version 1.51r bundled with Java version (if you already have a Java version, I suggest to overwrite with the suggested version). I will find the ready-to-instal programs on the ImageJ site, at section ‘downloads’. I have Mac OS, so I chose the Mac compatible version and it worked. I hope it could be useful for you, @Aiman