Size change during droplet drying

Dear All,

This is the first time I am using ImageJ to process and calaculate particle size from images and I was wondering if I can get some help here.

I have a series of images showing the drying of a droplet. At the beginning of the drying process, there is a shiny spot on the droplet which makes size calculation difficult. Attached below are some of the photos. Would you please let me know the best approach to get out the diameter of droplet as a function of time?



Hi @luckyang

Sorry for the delay in response… So - take a look at this other forum post - Max Inscribed Circles might just be the tool that you need.

You just need to convert your images to binary first… something like this:

run("RGB Color");
run("Find Edges");
setOption("BlackBackground", true);
run("Make Binary");

Though you might need to modify things a bit - but will at least get you started.

eta :slight_smile: