Size and size distribution of cells

Dear all,
I am new to ImageJ and need your help. I am working on foam materials and I would like to calculate the size and size distribution by an automatized way of images got from SEM. I tried different way (filter/threshold/binarization) to get a proper image before to use the tool analyze particles but I can’t get the image required by the software to analyzed it properly (the results are completely wrong).
Do you have any idea of how manage the image to get a proper size distribution? I attached a typical image if that can help you to solve my problem.
Thank you a lot,



You may try the Morphological segmentation plugin from the MorphoLibJ library. Its principle is to separate regions with high intensity at their boundary.

Here is result I got with tolerance value of 40:

Maybe some additional processing wouldbe required to merge particle enclosed within others, and / remove small ones.

You could also try to find a “circle fit” algorithm.


Thanks a lot for your answer. I am working on it, but I still have problems in orde to well calculate the size of my particles. I am trying several methods.

Hi @Mouki,

you can use particle analysis (native ImageJ), after proper binarisation (and eventually post-processing) of the watershed result. You can work with the binary image corresponding to “watershed dams” in the Morphological Segmentation plugin.

In MorphoLib, there is also a “Region Analysis” plugin, that provides area and perimeter measurements from a label image.

You may also want to consider the Extended Particle Analyzer from the BioVoxxel toolbox.