Sinusoidal Wave Fitting on Image Possible?

Hey Guys,

I’m new to this forum (and imageJ), and I was wondering if someone could help walk me through how to fit a sine wave to an image that I have. I added a screenshot of my image, and if you look at the top left of the image below, I am interested in fitting a sine wave to the black sinusoidal lines on the image

More specifically, after ‘tracing’ the darker lines with a sine wave, I am interested in obtaining data on the sine wave amplitude, frequency, and phase shift with respect to other waves (i.e. if the first sine wave isn’t perfectly on top of the second sine wave, how far to the left/right has it shifted?)

Thanks in advance for any help or direction you guys can provide – hoping to make some progress on this project!


Good day Ryan,

the problem for me is that I don’t really see any “black sinusoidal lines” im you image.

Be aware that something that appears evident to a trained human observer need not be evident to a machine …

That said, it would be nice if you could provide some features that may help to identify what exactly should be fitted by a sine wave.