Single Slice CT Dicom Threshold issues



I am new to ImageJ.
Trying to set Threshold of CT image to Hounsfield Units, in order to assess area of skeletal muscle.
On the sample Dicom CT image the threshold goes to desired values. When I upload my images I can’t get the threshold minimum to go to negative value. The Plugin CT_WindowLevel doesn’t allow me to adjust threshold minimum to negative value. Any help greatly appreciated.


Dear @epittelk,

I haven’t worked with the plugin before, so I am only guessing what could be wrong.

The documentation shows an example where this seems to be possible. Is there a chance, that your images do not contain regions with negative values?


PS: I have invited the developer of the plugin to this thread.


Hello, I met the same problem as yours.maybe you can make sure if your image type is DICOM format, then maybe you can learn it from the user’s guide


Hello,I have the same problem and I am sure that the image I get is dicom format. However, the type is 8bit and I can’t get the threshold minimum to negative value.