Simultaneously color threshold, selection and analyze measure for multiple images

Hi, everybody I would like to analyze several images at the same time. During the analysis I set the settings for red to 0, for green to 0 and for blue to 70 in "Color Threshold" in "RGB". Then I press "select" and evaluate the selected area with "analyze" "measure". How can I do this with several images at the same time? A "macro" changes to "HSB" each time and with a "stack" it takes the selected area of the first image for all. The selected area should be individual for each image, because the color areas of the different images are different in size. It would be great, if you could help me, so that I don't have to adjust everything for each picture individually.Thank you Linda

That sounds relatively straightforward to do with a macro, but without seeing the macro, it’s hard (for me at least, with relatively little experience) to understand what is going wrong.

  • Hi, I’m so sorry I didn’t answer you until now. The last weeks have been too busy. Maybe you can see on the pictures what goes wrong with my analysis.
    In the first picture you can see that I set “Threshold Color” to “RGB” and set the values “0”, “0” and “70”. Then I click on “select”. Then I analyze the yellow bordered area with “Analyze”->“Measure” and get the result in the new window. So I want to know the mm^2 of the selected area.

  • On the second picture you can see the info of my “Macro”. I save this “Macro” for later use.

  • If I now open the same picture again to try out the “Macro”, unfortunately happens what you can see on the third picture. The image is now black-and-white and the “Threshold Color” settings don’t match with my original settings.

With this black and white image I can no longer use “select” to use “analyze”->“measure”.

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  • My second idea was to summarize all the images as a stack and analyze them at the same time. After my settings at “Threshold Color” everything looks good for now. As you can see on the fourth picture.

  • But unfortunately it goes wrong as soon as I press “select”, as you can see in the fifth picture.

I don’t see anything wrong with the first image, that looks exactly like the binary image you would expect from thresholding, and should be able to run analyze particles on it. Your macro does specifically “Convert to Mask,” not Create Selection, so I am a little confused since you first show creating a selection.

Maybe you need to invert it first? I am not sure, sometimes people have had the Invert flag set differently on different installations. You should also be able to create a selection from that image.