Simulation of random dots in given map?

I´m completely new and maybe the question is solved in another topic, but, Is it possible with ilastik to create random dots in binary images and measure the shortest distance of dots to objects of interest?

Hi @mimo-1,

just so that I understand correctly I’ll try to rephrase what you want to do:

  • Segment objects (this means create a mask of the shape of each object) e.g. with first applying pixel classification, then object classification.
  • Given those objects, you want to generate random positions, and measure the distance to the closest point on the object?

if that is what you want to achieve, this is not a built-in functionality of ilastik.

However, ilastik will help you with the first part, of segmenting the objects. From there, you can e.g. export the object identity image, which is an image where all pixels of a certain object have the same value (first object has all pixels with value 1, second object with value 2 …) and with this you could probably code something that does the rest.

Did I understand what you want to do correctly? otherwise a sketch might help :slight_smile: