Simple Neurite Tracer Tracing to Adobe Illustrator



Hi all,

I am attempting to take a tracing of a neuron that I created through FIJI/Simple Neurite Tracer and convert the tracing into a file format that Adobe Illustrator will accept so that I can reconstruct said tracing on Illustrator, but I am having no luck. I have yet to find any way in which I can convert the tracing to an SWC, TIF, etc. if anyone knows of any way please let me know!

Thanks in advance


Welcome to the forum @Quincy!

There are multiple ways, using the pre-release version available through the Neuroanatomy update site:

  1. Utilities>Plot Traces… (mentioned in this post): This renders a 2D plot of the traces that can be exported as vector graphics (SVG or PDF, see contextual menu commands in the plot canvas)
  2. OpenGL Reconstruction Viewer: This renders an interactive 3D scene that can be exported as a bitmap image (PNG).
  3. Scripts>Take Snapshot. This renders a 2D RGB image in which traces are offset so that both traces and traced structure remain visible.

Here is how the 3 options look like:

Simple neurite tracer - getting an image of traced paths

Wonderful! Thank you for the assistance!