Simple neurite tracer "Paths" always off screen

I’m having an issue in the Windows version of FIJI using Simple Neurite Tracer. No matter what I do, the Paths window always stays off screen to the right. I can’t snap the window anywhere and I can’t use window gather functions to fix it. It makes the tool unusable. I’ve seen this happening on two different windows 10 computers, never on my mac.

Perhaps @tferr has some thoughts on this one ??



Can you provide more details? it is very hard to follow-up otherwise.
Is this happening with SNT v3.1.4?
Is this happening by any chance on a dual-screen setup? And if yes, does it also happens when you swap screens left-right?
Is the “All Paths” window not displayed at all, or it is just partially out of screen-bounds? Toggling the “Hide/Show Path List” button does not re-display it?


@tferr Sure. It is SNT v3.1.4. It’s happening on a single monitor (two different laptops I’ve tried). I tried hooking up to a dual screen and switching the screens which didn’t fix it. The All Paths screen is visible when I tile all windows (Windows Task View) but when I click on the All paths window to use it, it goes off screen to the right and is inaccessible. I tried toggling the Hide/Show Path List button but that didn’t work either.

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I simply cannot reproduce it on a Windows 10 Pro computer version 1703 (Lenovo install without any other software, and the only version I have access to). Works fine here.

Two more things: In the “Tracing” menu you will find a “Enable debug mode” under “Options…”, if you toggle it: are there any warnings in the console window? Also, if I recall correctly, SNT uses IJ1 to detect the screen size before organizing the different frames of the GUI. Could you please reset your preferences using “Edit>Options>Reset…”?

I’m afraid if I cannot reproduce it, we’ll have to simply stop the plugin from rearranging the windows at startup (implemented in v3.4 as a future request).

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Thanks for the troubleshooting help! I actually found out what the problem is. Basically the window has an issue with high DPI displays. Both computers I had this issue on were on Microsoft Surface computers which have very high resolution so display scaling was set to 200%. When I lower the scaling to 100% the tracing window comes back into view. It’s inconvenient for work flow because any time I reopen the Tracings window when I’m back in 200% scaling the issue reoccurs but at least I know the issue now. Thanks again!

Any idea if this is something that could be fixed in a future update? It’s a consistent issue on my high resolution displays where I need to adjust scaling.

Dear @Eric_Zluhan,

Really sorry for the long reply. Definitely. I opened an issue for it:

Again, I don’t have access to a M. Windows computer with high DPI display, so it would be really useful if you know of other Java applications that work smoothly on your Microsoft Surface, so we could learn from them, how they solved this.

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Thanks. Is there an easy way to see which applications are Java based? Also, I found another non-ideal work around for the issue… Going to imageJ properties > compatibility>override high DPI scaling behavior. This fixes the loss of the tracing window, but now everything in ImageJ is very tiny since it removes scaling

For the record: I’ve added the hidpi tag to this discussion, to keep track of issues relating to the HiDPI feature of Windows 10.

See also the other discussions with this tag, and the wiki page on Windows HiDPI.

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@imagejan thanks for the extra info. Really useful. My understanding is that most of the these HiDPI issues are just bugs yet to be fixed by Microsoft.

@Eric_Zluhan, sorry it took so long to look into this. Just released a new version of SNT that does two things: 1) No longer tries to re-arrange windows at startup. Alone, this will hopefully solve the issues you are having. 2) It also implements a new option (Tracing>Options>Startup Options> Remember window positions across restarts): If you activate it, the All Paths and Fill windows will be displayed at their last known position. This works well on Mac and Ubuntu[1]. Hopefully it will also work without issue on windows hiDPI displays.

[1] With multiple displays setups, it will probably only work with the main display, though.

Could you please update to the new version, and tell us how it goes?


@tferr Thanks so much! This seems to have fixed the issue. I tried it with a second monitor and it seems to be ok. The path window isn’t disappearing anymore. Thanks so much for taking the time to address this!

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