Simple Neurite Tracer and CPU requirements

I have been using simple neurite tracer to both draw out the projections and measure the length of them in 3D. However, I have been encountering crashing of the program after I instruct it to draw out the projections from the points that I have chosen in the Z-stack. This doesn’t happen always, but it happens often to be a genuine issue. I was wondering if this would be because of my CPU. I use an Intel i7 quad core system with 32GB RAM. Would it be more stable if I use a system with Intel Xeon CPU?
Thank you

Welcome to the forum @tendon!

Can you provide the exception associate with it? Also the contents of the Console window (after you toggling SNT’s debug mode in the Tracing>Options menu)?

It would be great if you could provide the steps to reproduce it.

As per the RAM question, how big is the image stack you are dealing with?

Thank you for your reply.
I will save the screenshots and post the information required during the next crash.
My stacks are generally, 80 - 100 Z planes with a spacing of about 1.5 micron each. The size of the file is about 1 GB.