Simple Autofocus - which stages are supported as Z-drive

Hi Community,

I am trying to automize my old microscope with some scanning. In this context, I find SimpleAutofocus very interesting. However, I am not sure which Z-stages are supported. Would be grateful for any help.
PS: it will be my first experience with #usage-issues micro-manager :slight_smile:


Hi Anna (welcome to this forum!),

SimpleAutofocus (as well as other “software autofocus” methods included in MM), should work with any motorized z-stage. These methods all work by taking an image, moving the z-stage, taking another image, and determining some kind of focus factor. They differ in their strategy to take images (i.e, how many, and how to distribute them), in how they calculate a focus factor, and in how they determine the optimum z-position from that information. You may need to experiment to see which one works best for you.

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