Silicon Content Analysis

Hi All,

First time posting on the forum so thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided! I work in a quality role in composite manufacturing and one of our inspections require us to check the silicon content of a component after machining. The silicon is easy to identify but difficult to quantify (ie. does the part have 1% silicon or 2% etc.). We currently use ImageJ and have techs manually adjust the threshold to get an idea of the percentage. As you would imagine this is not a precise nor accurate technique.

Is there an easy way to automate this process with an ImageJ plugin? I suspect I could easily build a model with images that pass and others that fail but I’m not really sure where to even start. Again thanks for any assistance that can be provided! - Jonah

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Tips for posting your first question : Please post a representative, original image file, as well as a brief explanation (avoiding science-specific “jargon” ) and/or an annotated version of the image to better indicate what solution you are after.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I can’t post an original image because its protected info. However attached is a representative example of what I need to measure. Notice how the silicon is essentially “white space”. Thanks again! - JonahSilicon Measurement