Silica sand grain identification

Hello everyone,

During my internship, my boss asked me to discover how to use the software WinROOF to analyze a material composed of grains of aluminum and silica. In this subject, I need to use this software to analyze all the silica grains and then discover the percentage of silica in this material. Also, I want to estimate the mean radius of the silica grains.

However, I am very new in processing images, and I am having a lot of problems to do it. Knowing that the image is in gray scale, I tried to binarize it in order to detect the silica grains by their color, but WinROOF didn’t show a good result: some alumin um grains were judged as silica, and some silica grains weren’t judged as silica. In addition, when the grains overlap each other, the software considers everything as being a big grain, what results in problems to estimate the mean radius of the silica grains.

Would anyone has a clue of how to solve my problem? (I think this software is not very popular, and maybe no one here knows it. So advices about other softwares to solve this problem are very well welcomed :))

Thank you very much!!


Can you deposit an original photo?
We can then perform tests?:wink:

Yes, of course! Here is an example:

Test-grains.bmp (4.8 MB)

Again, thank you very much! :slight_smile: