ShowDataOnImage fails



With version CellProfiler_1.0.5122_XP32, “ShowDataOnImage” from the Data Tools menu fails to load and display the image. It lets me select an output file, the variable of interest, and allows me to choose the image I want to display the variable on (using its LoadImages handle), but then fails with an error message of the form:

Error opening image 102 01 5h PECAM.tif in folder C:\Documents and Settings\tsmith\Desktop\cptest\images
ShowDataOnImage in C:\opt\CellProfiler_1.0.5122_XP32\CellProfiler_mcr\DataTools\ShowDataOnImage.m (146)

The image in question exists in the advertised path.

C:\Documents and Settings\tsmith\Desktop\cptest\images>ls 102PECAM
102 01 5h PECAM.tif

Since that same image file was loaded and processed correctly when I ran the pipeline, I assume it’s not related to the format of the image. Is this a known bug / does this occur for anyone else?


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Hello Tim,

This bug has been fixed, and will be included in our next release (in a couple weeks or so). If you have Matlab and the Developer’s version of CellProfiler, you can fix this by changing line 146 in ShowDataOnImage with this:
ImageToDisplay = CPimread(fullfile(Pathname,FileName));

If you are limited to using the compiled version, then you could download a version of CellProfiler prior to version #4957 and use it simply for ShowDataOnImage. Not elegant, but it should work until the new release.



Wonderful; thanks!