Show selected plates


is it possible to only view specific plates next to each other?
we have certain plates as replicates and would like to compare them…

i tried it with


FROM per_image
WHERE (per_image.Metadata_plateName REGEXP “.chip04.”)
GROUP BY per_image.Metadata_plateName, per_image.Metadata_wellNum

but (being in a mode where it should show 3 plates) i get an error:

ValueError: max() arg is an empty sequence

the Metadata_plateName variable is in my case either:


and i would like to only see the plates with “chip04”…

any ideas?


Hey Tischi,

Sorry, it’s not entirely clear to me how you want to visualize these plates. At first I assumed you meant in PlateViewer, but I’m not sure.

Just in case, I attached an image of PlateViewer showing 3 plates: You can see I set number of plates to 3 on the left and then you can just select which plates you want to see above the plate itself.

The filter that you’ve defined isn’t valid because it has a group by clause in it. (Currently filters are applied at the per_image granularity).

filter_SQL_chip04 = SELECT ImageNumber FROM per_image WHERE (per_image.Metadata_plateName REGEXP ".*chip04.*")

should properly return results from plates matching chip04 in any plots.

You could also write a per-well group like this:

group_SQL_per_well = SELECT ImageNumber, Metadata_plateName, Metadata_wellNum FROM per_image

unfortunately I haven’t yet implemented the ability to actually USE this method for aggregating results EXCEPT in the boxplot and classifier tools.

Let me know where all this gets you…


Adam, yes, stupid me :smile:

that’s actually the easiest solution to just select the plates of interest by hand!!!

Cheers, Tischi

Hahaha, I hope you’re not getting too used to having to do things the hard way :wink:

in fact, i am getting used to do things the “automated way”.
i did not occur to me that i could select some plates with my bare hands :smile: