Show Measurement Maps Error

Show Measurement Maps list is not populating with the options that it does in the tutorial. Yesterday I managed to do this fine, had inferno heat maps looking very bright, exactly what I wanted. Today I was looking into scripting this process for a full TMA however as described, the show measurements maps list is empty. Is this a typical issue and should I go to a particular place to ask these novice questions?

Thanks for reading, apologies if it is non-conforming to policies, I’ll change if notified.

Hi @philgunner,

Welcome to the forum. No questions are too “novice” to ask here so no worries.

Could you tell us what version of QuPath you are using?

My inital thought is that the measurement maps won’t appear unless the image you currently have open has measurements to show. Could that have been the case when you were looking at it?

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