Show labels in different color



Hi i am new to ImageJ and i am doing a porosity analysis.

In the “Analyze Particle” window you can check “Add to Manager”. And after analysis is done i have labels in all of my detected pores. But since my pores are black and my labels in black too i cannot see the labels anymore. Is there a way to make them visible?
And is there a way to search for a specific label in the image?




If I am understanding your issue correctly… I think all you have to do is go in your ROI Manager window to "More >>" > "Labels" and then there you can adjust the color.

And for searching for a label… you will have to Script something for this. Is that what you were aiming to do? You can check the Built-in Macro Functions list for appropriate function calls…



You can set the color and size of labels in the Image>Overlay>Labels dialog. Here is a macro example:

  run("Blobs (25K)");
  run("Analyze Particles...", "size=200 show=Overlay exclude");
  run("Labels...", "color=white font=14 show draw bold");
  run("In [+]");


Thanks! that helped a lot.
Somehow the labels are gone, after closing the image and reopening. if i save it as tiff then only the overlay is saved. How can i save the labels?


The labels and overlay are saved with the image when you save in TIFF format and reopen in ImageJ. To export to other programs, flatten the image (Image>Overlay>Flatten) before saving.