"Show cells in selection" shows wrong cells

Hello! I’m working with CPA r11306 on OS X 10.6.8 with a SQLite database produced by CellProfiler. I’m generating histograms and then using the lasso tool to select cells. The debug window obligingly reports that I’ve selected a reasonable number (call it m) of cells. Then, I right-click on a selected cell and click “Show cells in selection.” A dialog box pops up warning me that I have selected an apparently random number of cells, unrelated to (but smaller than) the total number of cells (n) and different from the number of cells I meant to select (m); in particular, the number of cells CPA thinks I have selected is not n-m. The cells that CPA then shows are not from the population selected on the histogram.

Is this a new bug?


If it isn’t, notes to myself to repro: try imagenumber vs cell area.

This seems to occur when I have a Per_Image value selected in the x axis and Per_Object value selected on the y axis (I really only cared about the y axis).