Show all members by default


is there way for a group in OMERO to ‘Show All Members’ by default.



Hi Chris

If you are using insight, you can change the following entry in container.xml to 0
<entry name="DataDisplay" type="integer">1</entry>
This will display the group data by default.

In the web, the only way at the moment is to have a redirect in nginx to ?experimenter=-1. That is how IDR does it
That will affect all the groups.


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Hi Jmarie,

thanks for that - setting up a public library of image like the IDR is exactly what I have in mind.

It sounds like setting up another instance of Omero for this I the way to go. That we we can one instance optimised for read-only viewing of datasets and one for read/write/collaborate. Do this sound sane?



In the IDR we have a cluster containing one read-write OMERO.server and multiple read-only OMERO.servers with public read-only OMERO.web.

If your public usage is fairly low it might be enough to have one read-write OMERO.server and two OMERO.web, one for public read-only use only (there’s a config option to hide the login button), and the other for read-write use. Having a read-only OMERO.server is definitely more scaleable though.