Sholl Analysis - SNT seems to hang indefinitely

Just wondering if anyone has experienced ImageJ infinitely hanging when trying to do Sholl Analysis (at Nearest Node). Using version ImageJ 1.53b, Sholl analysis 4.0.0. Everything works great until I select “Run Analysis”. The Console/Log window states “Sholl: Analysis started…”, but nothing is ever generated. It seems to hang indefinitely. Cannot seem to fix with updates.

Also error messages seem occur when I try to export as traces or CSV properties. See log.SNT error 2.txt (3.0 KB)

Thanks for any help or ideas you might have.

Hi @folive,
Thanks for the bug report. It is an unfortunate bug: The plugin is trying to access your last used directory, which in your case seems to be none. From the report, it looks like all saving operations could be affected (I am not sure how we had never noticed it before). I am pushing a fix, but you will probably have to wait until is up again to see it in your updater. Until then, you could try ensuring a “last used directory” exists.
A way to do so, is to place the image you are trying to analyze somewhere locally (e.g., your home/desktop folder) and load that path at startup. Do let us know how it goes!

Thank you so much for the response. Indeed I had moved my image stacks for analysis to several different folders before it started to hang up on me. I will try your suggestion, and also keep checking the for updates.