Ship ImagePy as an installer (.exe and platform-equivalent)

I was thinking that to foster the use of ImagePy by a larger community, it could be great to simplify the installation, and possibly by wrapping the project into an installer.

I know that there is the “constructor” provided by anaconda that allows to basically wrap an anaconda-environment into an installer (like the anaconda installer but shipped with a tailor made environnement). So it is not really like installing a software, but it could make things slightly easier already.

Otherwise there are some options to build executables for python projects like Py2exe.
Is it something you tried already @yxdragon or is it to premature ?

Maybe the @ilastik_team, or @CellProfilerTeam could share their experience with that ?

I have a very simple way to make a package that need not install, just unzip, then run. In fact I release it as a no-programmer installer for many users in our country. But the website is in Chinese (I am rewrite it in English), But I upload the package on a cloud, which is fast, but need login, and the login page is in Chinese.

So anyone know some fast free cloud source? Do not need very large, 512M is enough, the windows package is about 100M, And I need to make a 32-bit, 64-bit, mac installer to upload.

the method I make the unzip-run package is below:

  1. Install Python, but custom to install in a folder named ImagePy > programs
  2. Install the needed package by pip
  3. rename the python.exe as run.exe (to separate from the local python, if there is one.)
  4. make a bat file with: programs\run -m imagepy
  5. delete all the pycache file, and zip it

very simple and light. just 100+M, and works on Win and Mac.

And use the Menus: Plugins > Update Software, ImagePy will download the newest code from GitHub, when next start, It would be new.

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What about using the release tab of the github repo ? You can attach any kind of file including zip, and you can deal with versioning

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thanks, I did not know that github can release binary package, not very fast, maybe it is ok in Europe or US, I would release one, please have a try later, and tell me how long the download takes.

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I upload it in more than 10 hours, please have a try, how long it does to download. and can it run?

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In terms of bundling python code into an executable have a look at PyInstaller ( It is easy to use and will package the dependencies you need.


It works like a charm for me :smiley: Thank you very much ! Just unzipping and double-clicking the bat file.
And from Germany I downloaded it in about 1 min and I would expect similar time for Europe.
I don’t know why it took you so long for you to upload it, maybe the bandpass from China is somehow limited for some websites .

We can mention this option in the readme I guess.

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