Ship ICY toolbars to end users via plugin mechanism - how to?

Hey Icy plugin developers,

I managed to create a toolbar in Icy offering functionality provided by the Clicy plugin.

I’m now wondering if it is possible to ship this toolbar to end users. However, it’s part of the workspace/sys.xml file.

Did anybody ship toolbars in Icy and could point me to a resource where it’s done?



Hi Robert,

Excellent idea to make CLIcy blocks easier to use :+1:
Initially the workspaces were intended to be downloadable as plugins, so anyone could submit its own workspace as your. But as this feature was not really used we disabled it :-/
Still what you can do is to install it by yourself through your plugin :
Just copy your workspace file (can be any name but should have a .xml extension) into Icy WorkspaceLoader.WORKSPACE_PATH folder, you can have a look on other workspace file to see how they are formatted (don’t forget root node).
When this is done you can make it active using this method :
WorkspaceLocalPreferences.setWorkspaceEnable(“CLIJx filters”, true);

Then you need to restart Icy to rebuild the toolbar, you can just display a message to users or make Icy to restart using Icy.exit(true) but i discourage you to do so :wink:


– Stephane

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Hey @Stephane,

ah great. I do have that XML file already. So thanks to your instructions I write that little installer right away. Thanks a lot! That was very helpful insights. :+1:


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