Shift+L keyboard shortcut interferes with text tool

I cannot type a capital “L” in a text box because this is a keyboard shortcut, and therefore always runs the shortcut rather than entering the text. Is there a way to modify this behavior?

Edit: I’ve tried this with other capital letter shortcuts (such as Shift + N), but these all follow the correct Ctrl + Shift + “Letter” behavior when the text tool is active. It seems that only Shift+L is misbehaving.

Edit 2: Using the caps-lock is a work-around.


This appears to be a bug in Fiji. I am unable to reproduce it in ImageJ.

ShiftL is a shortcut used by the Op Finder that in turn uses SciJava @Plugin annotation to define a menu path as well as an Accelerator (i.e. the shortcut).

So the behavior has to be fixed either on the SciJava side or in the ImageJ-Legacy layer.
@ctrueden any hints how to best tackle this? I guess we could also modify the accelerator in FindOps toCtrl ShiftL for the time being to work around the issue.

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In the short term, we should certain do that.

Could you please also file an issue in ImageJ Legacy about this bug with the text tool active? Off the top of my head, I am not certain what the best way will be to fix it in general. Design-wise in SciJava, the general idea is that active Tool plugins which receive and act upon events have the option to consume them, so that the general-purpose shortcut mechanism then never receives the key event. Of course, the text tool is an IJ1 tool, not a SciJava tool, and we did not yet implement any sort of bridge between the two in ImageJ Legacy.

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