Sharing of trained network and Slack channel

Hello everyone! I am Isaac from Professor Savio CHAN’s lab at Northwestern University. We have generated a network for labeling mice in open field arena with a top-down view. 8 body parts(the snout, the ears, the body center, the side laterals, the tail base and the tail end) are labelled.

We are planning to share the trained network on our github depository. We are wondering if there are other platforms we should share the network on to further contribute to the deeplabcut community.

Also, is there a slack channel opened for Deeplabcut? If so, how do I join?

Thank so much in advance!

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I think zenodo is a good choice: e.g.

and of course the DeepLabCut modelzo. But that of course makes most sense with robust networks that contain models from multiple labs for which another citable source for giving credit to the different training sets that went into the models would be great.

We could also make a list of models available at different sites.