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Hi @OMETeam

How to share the single source uploaded image to multiple groups with out any data/content/image duplication. For now we upload image in Admin user and move those to Student or viewers group. How to avoid this step and make Single upload source and share to user/students with out move option.


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Hi @vsnlme108,
Check out the duplicate CLI tool towards the bottom of this page: Data management and cooperation — OMERO guide 0.2.0 documentation
It allows duplication and moving the same images/datasets to multiple groups without duplicating the image pixels themselves.


Thanks for your reply.
my question is if we move the images to multiple groups the storage space is getting increased by duplication of the same images or not?

Hi @vsnlme108,

The duplicate does the best it can to not duplicate storage by using hard links. Unless you have a non-traditional setup, I would expect this to work for you.


As @joshmoore says: almost no additional space usage because the image data will just be a hard link in the file system.
Your workflow would probably remain very similar as you have it now: import the image(s) as the Admin user, execute the duplicate step, then move the duplicate copy to either your Student and/or Viewer group. It would be quite easy to write a very simple shell script to do these steps in sequence to make your life easier.
~ Damir

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Hi @dsudar
Thanks for the documents, I tried and it leads to this error message.
screenshot attached

My ultimate search is 1 set of Project with Different datasets should be assign to multiple groups with out Datasets re upload and no extra hard disk space.And all the group have access to same Project with data sets.