Share Ilastik prediction model

Hi everyone

I trained a model and I want to share it. I used big images (bigger than the github max file size). Now I would like to share the code but I don’t know how to do it. As far as I know, the model needs the training dataset. Is there any option available to make new predictions when we don’t have access to these images or is there some way to share the model (just for predictions without chance of update the model itself).

Hi @econdesousa,

so for running in headless mode, you don’t need to ship the raw data. The burden then is just that users will have to go through either the

Hi @k-dominik

I didn’t know this trick. I assumed that since you need the dataset to open the GUI ilastik you will need it to run the headless version. Great.
But either way, you should consider the hypothesis of allow running the GUI without this dataset. Many users don’t know, or even don’t want to know, how to use software in headless mode and after a few months you can easily have changed a folder tree or simply zipped folders and the link is lost or difficult to set up again



I agree it would be nice allowing for that.