ShapoGraphy: a new tool for representing image-based data

Hello all,

I would like to introduce you to ShapoGraphy ( ShapoGraphy is a novel visualisation approach for creating pictorial representation of imaging and phenotypic data. This web app can be used to explore your data once you have analysed your images. You can upload your data in csv format. It works best for visualising summary data (clusters or main conditions in the data). Once finished save you figures as png or svg files. You can save your configurations to json file so you can use them later.

Preprint is available here:

Currently ShapoGraphy is in beta version. We are looking to improve out tool and add new features so your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes!

Heba Sailem

Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow
Junior Research Fellow | Corpus Christi College
Big Data Institute | University of Oxford
Institute of Biomedical Engineering | Department of Engineering | University of Oxford