Shape smoothing not working on macOS Big Sur

Hi all,

I have problem with shape smoothing plugin running for stacks. It was ok on the previous version Catalina, but is now working only for single image on Big Sur. I’d like to know fix this issue without downgrading OS, if possible. Appreciate any comments or suggestions!

My imageJ is 2.1.0/1.53c; Java 1.8.0_202

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Is this the plugin you’re having trouble with?

What happens in the cases it doesn’t work? Is there an error message? Does something appear but it’s wrong? The more detail you can provide, the more easy it will be for us to help. You can also post example images / results to your post - that can help people understand your problem.


Did you have a look at this plugin?
It doesn’t process stacks either.

Hi @notQRV, thanks for letting me know a great plugin. Actually it doesn’t.

Hi @bogovicj,

Many thanks for replying to an issue I put. It is the plugin I had trouble with. I haven’t used it with my mac for 3 months after having this trouble, but found it working now to see the error it gives…

Sorry to bother you.

I just upgraded OS from 11.0 to 11.2 (but not sure the version of fiji when I had a trouble with)


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For z-stack processing, you may try the following ImageJ-macro with the latest version of the plugin (please update!).

//plugin "Contour_Curvature.class" version 1.0.3 or newer required
//macro version 2021-02-22
Dialog.create("Contour Smoothing");
   Dialog.addNumber("Smoothing", 8);
   Dialog.addNumber("Contour Points", 400);;
run("Remove Overlay");
for ( i=0; i<nSlices; i++ ) {
   run("Contour Curvature", "coefficient-pairs=[coef] contour_samples=[smpl] smoothed");
run("From ROI Manager");
//Paste this macro code to an empty macro window (Plugins >> New >> Macro)