Shadow of the brush tool for annotations

I am using the brush tool for some manual labelling in a small dataset and was wondering if there is any possibility to show the “shadow” of the brush before clicking to start drawing? This would be specially useful when trying to remove only a few pixels on the side of my annotation for example. I tried to find it in the doc or asking to people more expert than me but maybe I missed it.

Thanks for this great tool!

I wish there was! You can see the residue of my attempt here, alongside my notes as to why it failed.

Basically, QuPath used to show a circle corresponding to the brush size, but I found that the result could become – at least on a Mac – horribly buggy. It might have worked on other platforms.

It has been a long time since I looked into this. It’s possible that a) I didn’t something wrong, and/or b) the issue lurked deeper in Java and has now been fixed. I’ll have a look.

FWIW, when removing pieces, my approach is usually to start with the brush far outside the object and just slowly move it inwards. That works with the Wand tool.

Perhaps the most useful collection of annotation tips is now on Twitter:

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Thanks! I’ll have a look at the links!
I didn’t realize it could be done with the wand too! This will certainly come in handy.

I’m not sure I’ll manage, but I’ll try to muster my Java memory to test the “deeper in Java” hypothesis and see if it has now been fixed.