Setting up Qupath in IntelliJ (newbie question)


I want to experiment with building extensions for qupath, however I’m a little confused as to how to set up the source code and get it running in IntelliJ.

I managed to build the latest qupath with gradle by cloning it from github. Now I’m trying to set up Qupath in IntelliJ by following this tutorial (Advanced Scripting with IntelliJ): IntelliJ

I cannot seem to find the mentioned jars subdirectory in my QuPath installation (build directory), that needs to be added to access third party dependencies. I also cannot find the sources subdirectory inside the qupath directory. (According to my understanding I would need these to access the source code via IDE?)

I’d appreciate if anyone can tell me where to find these directories and if this is the right way to access and build upon the source code with the IntelliJ IDE?

Version: 0.2.0-m2
OS: Windows 10
JDK: 11 & latest JPackage (Build 49)

The documentation is for v0.1.2. The move towards v0.2.0 comes with a lot of changes, some forced by the switch to Java 11, including how the software is packaged up and (for now at least) there are no source jars included. But it is very much a work in progress, and v0.1.2 is still recommended for stability.

Since I remain the only person developing & documenting the software, I’m afraid my limited bandwidth is very much the bottleneck in terms of how fast v0.2.0 comes along and when the documentation finally catches up.

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Oh I see. Then for now, I will attempt this with v.0.1.2 with JDK 8

Looking forward to the updates, whenever they may be. Thanks for creating such a great open source project!

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